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Jan 26, 2019

Many HAM operators never had the benefit of an Elmer. Most of us figured it out, but there were other times, like the time we were wondering why nobody ever answered our CQs because we didn’t know our code sending was so atrocious. It would have been nice to have someone sit next to us and show us how to send better code…

Howard Bernstein, WB2UZE and Rich Collins, K2UPS - the New Elmers - are changing that with the Long Island CW Club. Their method of teaching Morse code and CW is casual and fun. It is a unique experience that has already appealed to more than a hundred students wanting a less structured and more relaxed approach to learning the code. 

In this episode, Howard and Rich explain how the club got started, their unique way of teaching, and the classes available to anyone wanting to learn the code and have fun.