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Aug 14, 2017

Many amateur radio operators share a common experience. They become interested in the hobby, get licensed then, for any number of good reasons, take a break from their radio activities. Sometime later (sometimes years later), amateur radio catches their interest again and they jump back in. More often than not, when people come back to amateur radio they do amazing things... and Richard Carpenter, AA4OO, is a great example of someone doing amazing things!

Richard was first licensed in 2000 and currently holds an Amateur Extra license. After taking a break for several years, his interest in Amateur Radio was rekindled and in August 2015 he jumped back in with both feet into Morse code, QRP and CW. 

During the next nine months he went from 0 WPM to 20 WPM, made hundreds of QSOs and collected a pile of awards. 

Richard writes about his Morse code and QRP experiences on his excellent blog,, which he updates regularly.